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Easily find information from the provider manuals published on The Georgia Medicaid Management Information System (GAMMIS)...

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Doing community service with Afast you will learn new skills, meet fun and interesting people and best of all you will have t


ED grants, reports, and other publications related to improving education for Americans with disabilities.

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Find parent centers in your state that provide training and information about infants, toddlers, school-aged children, and yo

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Organizations that provide information or assistance related to special education.

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Find programs, grants and funding, policies, publications, research, and additional resources for the rehabilitation of indiv

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Find information about disabilities, special education, and related services for children in school. Includes information on

News and Opinions

President signs able act

President Signs ABLE ACT into Law

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The ABLE ACT will allow individuals will disabilities to protect or qualify for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Medicaid by eliminating a $2,000 cap that now applies to savings accounts. The government must determine eligible expenses before the accounts become available in 2015. “Millions of Americans are currently living with disabilities, and many of them

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Adult Services Town Hall Event Day Details

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Friday is the Autism Speaks Adult Services Town Hall: Residential Support for Adults with Autism. We hope that you are still able to join us for this free event, because whether you are an individual on the spectrum, or a parent/guardian of a child or adult with ASD, this Town Hall will provide you with

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running with autism

Running Changed His Life – video

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Mike Brannigan is obsessed with running. The repetitive motion. The rhythm he finds. The way he can focus on his body and nothing else. “I love to work hard and have fun. And just beat my personal best and keep improving to that next level,” he says. At 17, Mike Brannigan is one of the

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Individualized Education Programs

Parent-Teacher Conferences Feel Like Going to War

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The day after I attended the LAST IEP for my 22 year old son I read this article by Laurie Levy.  Years of “Going to War” for my child have turned into a day I look forward to meeting with his teachers and discussing the best course for my son’s development.  In some sense I will

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7 Things You Don’t Know About A Special Needs Parent

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Great article from the parent of a special needs child.  I must say I have felt very much like M. Lin. Here are excerpts from each of the seven points: 1. I am tired. Parenting is already an exhausting endeavor. But parenting a special needs child takes things to another level of fatigue.  Even if I’ve

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“Long Way” Home

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  After a great Thanksgiving with family in Tennessee it was time to load up the family and head home.  We piled in the truck and began the 3 hour journey home.  Before we got out of the driveway Chad stated “Long Way!”, which is his way of saying he wants to go home.  When

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